by Grader

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released March 18, 2013




Grader Aberdeen, UK

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Track Name: The Truth
Are you consumed by hatred? Would all the love in the world not save you, do you speak in a tongue they don't know, do they just act like they don't know? Oh I'm consumed by hatred, and all the love in the world would not save me, I might speak in this tongue they don't know, might talk and act like I don't know. Sometimes I speak to be not alone.

Love, I'm consumed by hatred. There's nothing left to take, when there's nothing. There's nothing left to take, there's just nothing. And oh to be loved, you've watched your whole world go wrong. And oh to be loved, but I can't change you.
Track Name: Carry Water
I might end on these endings, I start at the start, we've all got these stories, we're all broken hearts. We're just lovers and liars, we beg for forgiveness, pretend for so long I forget I'm pretending.

Like love would turn out how you thought it would be, we cling to each other, when life changed... so did we, like it mattered eventually... sing me something sweet.

I might end on these endings, I'll start at the start and try not to look like I'm falling apart. Please don't save me from sinking, it seems never ending, pretend for so long I forgot.

And love and light only return to grey, and you can't give back what you took from me. For all we've seen, we remain to sleep, and love and hope and you were born to dream.

And you were never alone, no you were not alone at all.

You're just a moment in time, it's just this time in my life and there's this song on your lips, and there's this hope in your eyes. I know that something here's wrong, I light these matches from matches... could burn it all down but I can't live with the ashes, I know, that you were never alone, no you were not alone at all.
Track Name: Underheaven
And I don't care if you love her, won't ever forget her, or spend your whole life wishing you'd never met her. You took the only angel I felt under heaven away. So I guess now I learn how to sleep on my own again, you work out how you're going to atone for this. Either way leave alone for the loneliest hearts. Act like I don't know, or god I don't care, but she's gone and you're here and I..., I want to kill you.

Either way leave alone for the loneliest hearts.

Build these walls and they won't go around, only house that the flood missed and you had to tear her down. There's been problems, I know, I just can't understand it. And now I can't go home again, because everything's changed, and no one is left to blame for this fear Never felt the need to forget what's important to me. But there's always been the promise of spring after winter 'til now, so follow the sun.

And we don't know, we don't, no we don't. But you let in the cold, feel warm hands, but round my throat, I'll live and hope. I'll live in hope...
And we don't sleep, we don't sleep, we don't. But I wrote you this symphony, so would you sing to me, at all?

Follow the sound of my voice to the sea, 'cause youre weighing me down. And I want you to witness your waterfall, forcing me to drown and I'm tired of trying. Without you here this world can't be mine.
Track Name: The War Inside
For all your hard words and your violent mind, you better arm yourself, there's a war inside. Is it dark there? It's so dark here, and never rains but it fucking pours, know hurt? Oh I know her.

And there's this salt water, it sets me free. Me and this ocean had an amnesty, for all the shit in my life I thought was weighing me down, another line on this furrowed brow. 'Til today seems never ending, another notch on your fucking bedpost. I'll let the sunlight in, breathe in this smoke and keep love in. 'Cause love, I'd give up all my dreams, for just a minute of sleep so I'm not waking up to watch you leave. And love.
Track Name: Parts
Just think what we could do, take your broken heart, have a fresh start and I will too... and I will too. We've both been out of control and you know, we just roll on and we roll on. So just hold on, we were promised forever, given nothing at all.

So I wrote these songs about you and me, and it was all bullshit, the words don't mean anything. All these lies that you're telling me wont give me back yesterday, so there's nothing.

But these two hearts are just parts of a whole, and it ain't whole no more. And we might share the same bed, where we both sleep but we don't dream, we don't care much at all. Don't ask me if I remember, like I could ever forget. If the dream never changed and I sleep through the end, I just need you to know I'm awake but I'm dreaming of home.

And it rains hard tonight, and you can't sleep and indecision gets the best of me. 'Cause in my head I'm still the only one you think about and I know I'm wrong. So ask me not to call, but I just had to know, do you sleep at night when I can't? When you sleep, do you sleep alone?

If you tell me, I could help you. We could wade through the shit that you've been through. The weathers the same, never good getting better.
Track Name: Swiss
So what I guess I'm trying to say to you is to say "Oh save me", 'cause there's this thing I'm about to do, and I don't know, we might not get through. For every word I'm going to say, I'll always love you, either way, I'm just so scared to sleep alone or move on without you.

But I can't be your everything 'cause I'm nothing. Like, I'm sometimes, but not that often, and if your whole world stopped to spin, I couldn't change a goddamn thing. So we both drink, because we're afraid to say the things we wish we'd say. But you can't afford to think like that so you cry, 'cause you don't feel like that and you're a bad liar and I can't act and all the things we share, they don't change the fact. But you could, but you're not here.

So what I guess I'm trying to say to you is to say "Don't leave me." 'cause there's this thing I'm about to do, and I don't know, we might not get through. For every word I'm going to say, I'll always love you, either way, I'm just so scared to sleep alone or move on without you.

Til it's just you and I, all these sleepless nights in your bedroom. So be the rod for my back, with lungs as black as the fact that I'm not you... So there's this posthumous, "I'm not in love.", from your broken heart, it's these staggered words...

If we all retire in the sun, and mean nothing to anyone, don't ever leave me on my own, I'd give up without you.
Track Name: On My Mind
If I'm nothing but honest, with little to offer, I write songs about hope but I sing like I've lost it. What you see in me is getting harder to see, the whole worlds in those eyes, and it's dark, blue and deep. I've got three feet of rope and I don't fear the end, but this letter to you... it scares me to death to say, "Leave a light in your window, keep love in your heart."

If I'm nothing but honest, it's time to let go, we've been tethered together, here we pray that we'll float. Oh rotten rope, please take the strain when I can't cope, but I hope, and I hope, and I hope.

'Cause I'm tired and I'm desperate, dearest rope, take my breath away. Take all that I was once, that leaves you feeling empty. When it's true, and you don't say, then those eyes they tell me everything. They say "loving you these days, it ain't what it used to be."

And my darling, no I don't fear the end.